This is what it looked like whenI brought it home.

The rear wheel wells have been cut. The nose has some dents.The emblem is missing. The front bumper is too far gone. The rearbumper is missing. (Probably taken off to accommodate the cheesyexhaust system & then left somewhere.) The rear apron needsto be installed. (But at least it's there!) Also has 3 crackedside windows.

The cab is in O.K. shape. It still has the radio block-off plate.There are no door or roof panels. The cab floor is rusted throughin a few areas as is the cargo area floor. There are no rear seats.The cargo divider is a little beat up. Check out the "period"graffiti. A little 60's & 70's!

The Bus has been converted to a 12 volt system.I believe it still has the original 6 volt wiper motor & 6volt horn. So those will have to be dealt with accordingly. Theengine is a '75 1600cc Bug engine. It needs points & a generator,but runs fine otherwise. Transmission seems fine. The brake systemneeds a new master cylinder & adjustment.