'59 Resto-Custom

The first thing I did was collect some of the parts that are missing, or need to be repaired. I had a couple of other projects I was working on and the bus was gonna have to wait. This gave me something fun to do meanwhile.

My beautiful wife scored me this emblem for $5.00!!! She got it from a guy who runs a body shop in a small Texas town. He had the remnants of a "splittie" in his yard & she happened to spot it from the road. After finding out they shared the same family name, & using a little of her God-given charm, he went & pulled it off for her for a five dollar bill!!!

I got this set of bumpers for $60.00. Theylook a little rough, but they're very straight. With a littlepaint, they'll be just fine. Much better than paying $300 a piecefor repro's.




I got these side view mirrorsfrom a local auto parts store at $10 for the pair. With a verysmall amount of modification, they worked out great!!! They'reabout 25% bigger than the original round mirrors, & the mirroris actually curved, providing a great view down the sides of thebus. A little paint, they'll be just fine.



I found a guy out here in West Texas that builds Dune Buggies for the Ranchers to use instead of horses. He had an old "splittie" that he let me get 4 windows & frames off of for FREE!!! All I have to do is help him find bugs in the area. I still need to keep up my part of that deal. He's supposed to have many more busses for me to get stuff from.