'59 Euro-spec Single-Cab Truck

This truck is a European model that's got semaphores insteadof blinkers.

The truck was sandblasted when I bought it. It's got rust (mainlyin the rockers) that'll have to be dealt with. The bed is in greatshape. Gates are good. Rear corners are pretty dented up.

The nose has some holes where someone added aftermarket blinkerswere installed. I'll weld those up! Also some rust and a creaseat the bottom of the nose. All the doors were removed, but arethere and in good condition. The treasure chest area has a rusthole in the middle. You can see the light coming through the rockeron the other side!

Needs some work, but should be pretty cool when it's done. I'mgonna work on this one after the '59 Kombi is done. I'm gonnago for a marathon/budget resto. Make it shiny, make it run, anddrive it! The semaphore assemblies work and are intact. The lensesare not cracked. Got a nice bench seat with it as well as thewindow glass and door frames.