Thanks to a little VW parts dealing, I was ableto upgrade my compressor. This allowed me to sandblast much easierand actually get work done.

Since the truck was in bare somewhat rusty metal when I got it,I had to sandblast the whole again. I did it a little at a timeas I could and would spray primer on the bare metal immediatlyafterward. See that hole in the nose? I found a previous ownerof this truck who told me they used to call it "the arrowtruck" because it had been shot with an arrow....that wasstill sticking out of the front!!!!!

The bed of the truck was one of the places that had not been blastedat all. It's a solid bed, but after I started blasting it I realizedthe rust had pitted a lot of the metal. I'll have to deal withthat in some way. Filler primer and/or glazing putty will mostlikely be what I use to fill the pits.