I Bought a Rancho Freeway Flyer Transmission to install in my truck. I'm also gonna upgrade it to later model "big-nut" reduction gear boxes. Both these mods will help me get a little more top speed. With the engine I'm gonna build and the reduction gear boxes, I should still have a good amount of low end torque for hauling stuff.

I pulled the trans axle out of my truck. The front shift mount is different, so I'm gonna fabricate a new style one and weld it in.

While I was there, I realized my shift-was stuck! I tried to work it out the front using brute force. This resulted in me breaking the end off of it. I then realized that the rod had rusted to the shift rod tube. What a mess! The solution for breaking it free was to heat the tube up with a torch so it was glowing hot. Then using a rag and a bowl of water, I'd cool it down quickly. I repeated this about 3 times, banging on the rod after each time. The 3rd time was a charm and it finally broke loose. About 80% of the rod was nice shiny metal. But it was that last little bit towards the front that was rusted to the tube. Luckily I was able to get a replacement shift-rod off a parts bus a friend has.

I finished this project but just need to take some pictures and post them.......