1961 Double Door Panel Bus

This is probably my favorite bus I now own. It's a double door panel bus. That means it's got cargo doors on BOTH sides of the bus. You can open 'em up and walk right through the bus to the other side. Very cool for sure. It was a factory option. And Plymouth thought they invented to minivan with doors on both sides!

This bus is probably in the best condition of any of the ones I own. Although it hasn't been driven in years, it's very solid with basically zero rust. It's also VERY straight considering it was a commercial vehicle. The rear wheel wells have been cut out and the cab divider has been cut out and replaced with some custom thing. Other than that it's all there and original down to the stock 15" wheels.It's got a 40hp engine in it, but it's not currently running. I plan to pull it out and see about getting it started and diagnosed. It's not locked up, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. I don't plan on doing much to this bus cosmetically right now. I would like to get it running and on the road. I may weld in some wheel wells and shoot it a solid color to freshen it up a bit. I'm gonna try not to do much else until farther down the road.