Lanie's '70 Bug Vert

We got this 1970 VW Convertible in April of 2000 fromSandra M. of Austin, TX . We assured her the little bug wouldbe going to a good she kindly sold us the car, alongwith many extra parts, and a LOT of good "VW Karma",for $1000.

There was striping and "53" on the car to make it looklike Herbie the Love Bug.

The car came with the top NOT installed. But, the it DID comewith the top. In fact, it came with brand new canvas, headliner,wood bows, window rubber, and a bunch of other new & usedstuff.

The engine runs great and the car drives pretty good. All thefloor pans have no rust or holes in them. The seats were prettytorn up and the stereo didn't work. So we went to Wal-Mart andpicked up some seat covers, a cheap stereo, and a few other smallthings to put in the car for the time being.

The main problem with the car was the electricalsystem. When we brought it home, the headlights, horn, wiper moter,turn signals, and stereo weren't working. We chased down a fewfaulty wires, grounds, and fuses & then decided to clean upmost of the contacts and replace the end connectors on the wires.This took care of all the problems and now everything seems tobe working fine.



Lanie drove the car around a little "as is" and finallydecided it would be OK to start doing the "custom-resto".The plans are to give the car an "old-style" make-overto make it appear more like an older model bug. Some aftermarketwheels, lowered a tad in the front, and a custom 2-tone paintjob are just a few of the jobs we have have planned.

On to the work......