Work Begins!!!!

Resto Begins!!!! First step was to pull the interior out and putPOR-15 over the whole pan.As you can see, the floors are in terrific shape and have no rust.The idea is to keep them that way. The POR-15 does a good jobof this.

The next thing done was replace the fenders. Weprefer the look of the older style 60's fenders with the sealedheadlights. I was lucky enough to put together a full set of themfor less than $100. 3 are perfectly straight and need no work.The last one will require a small bit of smoothing. The olderfenders bolt right up to the newer car. This REALLY improved thelook of the car IMO. I'll have to fill the grill holes in thefront fenders (above) and fabricate a new slot in them to allowthe bumpers to be mounted. The rear fenders (below) will needto have one of the taillight holes filled, but work great otherwise.