AHHH. The reality of restoring a VW. This rear quarter panel kindabulged out from obvious body filler job. I tried to sand it down,but started seeing metal. When I attempted to bang the metal ina little I figured out what was going on. There had been somedamage to the car and a previous owner banged a piece of scrapcorregated tin flat and pop-rivited it onto the car. The onlyway to cover the messy work was with a ton of bondo. The firstpicture shows the hole left after I removed the tin and cut outthe rusty metal underneath. The second picture shows the actualpiece of tin that was used and some of the original damaged andrusty metal that was still there underneath.

Here's a picture of the hole with a new piece of sheet metalwelded in place. My father-in-law works at a place that makescomputer cases for one of the big brand name computer companies.He's been salvaging sheet metal from the dumpster for me...andit works great for body repair. What I did for this piece wasflange the bug metal at the edges and overlapped it under thenew sheet metal. I then welded a bead about a 1/2 inch at a timeat different places of the sheet metal in order to prevent warpage.








And here's the finished product. I used some bodyfiller to hide the seam and to make sure the side was nice andstraight. Came out real good.

more to come....