Here's the old rear apron after I cut it out. It was hit reallybad and full of bondo which, as you can see, is all cracked up.

I decided since I was gonna change out the rear apron...why notuse the old style apron!?!? It looks better and will match theold style bumpers that are on there now. I modified this to makeit a "bolt-on" rear apron. That way, when I pull theengine for maintenance or repair, I can simply unbolt the rearapron and slide the engine right out on the jack! That's the waythe old busses are, so I'm kinda spoiled to it now.

The picture above shows the new mounting bolts. I welded the nutsto the other it bolts up just like a fender! I notchedthe inside of the fender mounting lip where the bolt heads areto allow the apron to be removed without having to totallay removethe fenders. It also allows the fenders to be removed withouthaving to remove the bolt-on apron. Sounds confusing, but it isreal slick and works great. Wouldn't have it any other way.

So with the old apron going, that means I can't use this newerstyle engine lid that was on there. Here's an old style enginelid that I picked up for $20. I have to put louvers in it so itcan be used on the convertible. The louvers in the engine lidare the only way a convertible's engine gets air for cooling.Since this engine lid wasn't perfect, I decided I'd customizeit and give it some new life. So here's what I did.....