This is my old bus. It was a budget restoand I did all the work myself. Click the '59 Kombi link to seethe whole story.

What's Up....

I've been working on my wife's 'vert bug again. As I was in the home stretch to having it ready for paint, I realized that the quality of the car just wasn't gonna be up to my personal expectations. The bodywork I've done has been good. But I really started with some fenders and lids that were just a little too far gone. So even though they look pretty good, there are still problems that will always bug me. Plus, my welding has gotten better. I think I can do a better job on the engine lid and even the side I repaired. So I'm gonna spring the cash for (4) new fenders for the car. A friend gave me a new decklid and hood for $30. They are both in really good shape. He threw in a spare junk decklid with the louvers so I can weld them in like I did before...only better! The hood is an old style bug hood. I'm gonna replace the front apron so it will match. This will make my bumpers mount normal and all that. I'm going to try and find a new repair section to cut from a but to weld into this one on the side I fixed. I want to replace the whole door jam as it has damage and really need new metal instead of body filler to make it last. This was a hard decision to throw away all the hard work I put in. But in the end I think it just makes better sense. A better product that will last much longer and I'll be happy with. I'll start updating the 'vert pages as I go along and do the new work.

I started working on the '59 Single Cab again. I've refurbished and rebuilt the shift rods. Also fabricated a new front tranny mount. There's some pictures posted on the Single Cab link.

Here's the truck in the shop back on the "resto" block. 2-2004.