VW Files for your Palm Pilot

After recieving a Palm M105 for my birthday in '01,I started trying to figure out how I could make some "Volkswagen"use out of it. I carry it around with me everywhere, and figuredit might be nice to have a key to help ID the years of VW's andtheir engines when I run across them. So I scanned the info, didthe text recognition thing, and converted the documents to thePalm Doc format. I plan to keep trying to come up with other VWuses for my handy toy. I'll post things here as I get them done.

(palm doc (.pdb) format, you'llneed a palm doc reader application & you may need to adjustthe font once you've loaded the files to make sure everythinglines up right. save the files to disk, right click for windows,click and hold for mac, choose save to disk)