Lanie's '74 THING

What can you say?!?!? It's ugly and green...but it runs! Andit's a blast to drive. The way you see it is basically the waywe got it, except it's got the new tires we put on it.

Here's the picture of it the night we brought ithome...right after I rolled it off the trailer. The top is infair condition. A few rips here and there. All of the side curtainsare there, but really need to be refurbished.

The interior is solid. Not perfect, but good enoughAND not good enough to not worry about! No holes in the pan, exceptunder the battery. The engine wasn't the greatest when we gotit, though it did run. I did a tune-up on it. Replaced the sparkplugs,fuel filter, points, condensor, and distributor cap. Also adjustedthe valves, adjusted the carb, set the timing, and changed theoil. I also replaced the cheesy aftermarket aircleaner with anoil bath one out of a bug. I had to bang and dent the back ofit a little to make it fit, but you can't see when it's installed.All of this did wonders. Before the work the engine would runout of steam in 4th. It now zips around like a little bat outof hell. Hard to believe it's the same engine! And now the trannydoesn't grind since I changed the gear oil

Really the biggest problem with the car is thatthe body is all rotted in the rockers. It was repaired with bondoand obviously they didn't remove the rust first. It rusted outall under there and is falling apart. We've got a line on anotherbody and hope to buy it. It'll eventually get switched. The caralso had no brakes. So I rebuilt the front brakes and plan todo the back. You can see a picture of the fronts after the workwas done here.