Here's what it looked like when I brought ithome. It's a '77 Rupp Trike. Rupp Trikes were manufactured backin the '70s. They were short lived because of problems with theRupp motor. The Rupp was originally equipped with a 340cc 2-strokeKoehler snowmobile engine and a cyntrifigul clutch on the transmission.It couldn't handle the heat of highway driving. The Rupp was originallydesigned to utilize the VW motor and trans, but the builder couldnot get permission from VW, so he approached Koehler and acquiredthe rights to use their motor. Rupp sold out to Koehler yearsago. Many Rupp trikes have since been changed over to the theVW drive train by their owners. I plan to convert mine over toaircooled VW power & IRS suspension.

Here's a picture of the trike with the VW rear-end "set"in place. I decided that I'm gonna ditch the fiberglass &go with just the frame. It's more of what I originally wanted& will look much cooler! Notice the Honda gas tank that wasgiven to me.

I cut out the edges of where the gas cap goes & dropped anold VW bus gas guage in. Perfect fit!

Here's the trike as it sits in the barn right now, waiting forme to make time to finish it. I've welded in the IRS VW suspension.

More to come...